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About Bri's Board


A little bit of background on how Bri’s Board came to be. We had a grandson, Brady, diagnosed with Batten’s Disease. The outcome is something that I never had to deal with in my life before. The fact that this was going to be terminal rocked my foundation. The old saying that you should not outlive your kids is very true but is especially true if you outlive your grandkids. Brady was admitted to the Rotary Flames House for the last few months of his life. My daughter, Jaclyn (Brady's mom), set up a memorial fund in honor of Brady with the Rotary Flames house being a recipient of the money raised.  Memories of Brady's ordeal fades with people who are not part of his family, life goes on.  My memory of Brady has not faded and every time I put the B is for Brady brand on a board I have made I am reminded of him. He is gone but not forgotten!!

After his passing I started looking for a hobby. I started by building some wooden crates, found I enjoyed working with wood so progressed onto other projects. I ended up being a budget cut after 20 years at my former employment and since I will be turning 65 soon, I will be devoting more time to making and selling more wood products. I have done several custom jobs and enjoy the challenge. I have been engaged to put company logos on wood and enjoy this as well. Bri’s Board will continue doing this with any money raised over the cost of the wood and the building of the wood project being donated to Brady’s Memorial Fund.

Presently, Bri’s Board makes cutting boards, custom cribbage boards, cribbage tables, charcuterie boards, trivets and an ever expanding list of items. On every cutting board you will find a thin strip of purpleheart wood. This is my "keystone" and one way to tell that I built the board.


Our Process

Each cutting board has been manually made out of maple, cherry or walnut hardwood. The boards are edge cut and are usually 1 1/4 inches thick. Each piece of wood has been glued together from end to end. Then it is put through a planer, sanded and has the blood ring installed by a router. The board is then finished with 2 coats of mineral oil and 2 coats of conditioner applied before being ready to use.

Charcuterie boards are either made out of cherry and maple or walnut and maple. Handles and rubber "feet" are installed on the boards.

The cribbage boards have all been designed by me except for the baseball board. This was a plan I found on the internet and I was going to give the person who designed it the credit but have been unable to find it again to put his name here. The boards are all made out of hardwood unless you want one to be made out of pine. As you will see in the pictures below there are many styles to choose from.


Our Guarantee

I can guarantee that I have put my blood, sweat and tears into these wood products. If there is ever an issue with any of our boards, please contact me and allow me the opportunity to make it right. I have made and sold lots of these boards and have never had an issue brought forth to me but just in case, use the Contact Me section of this website to reach out to me. Thanks

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Care and cleaning of boards and Snakes and Ladders instructions

The Three Rules of Cleaning Cutting Board (pdf)


The Three Rules of Cleaning Charcuterie Board (pdf)


B's snakes and ladders rules (pdf)


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